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Rates for Monitors

Researchers who wish to work in the Gwich'in Settlement Area are encouraged to hire local Renewable Resource Council (RRC) members to assist with this work.

Ehdiitat Renewable Resource Council (ERRC) - Aklavik

ERRC members are available to work as monitors for research in the Aklavik area. 2019 rates and wages are as follows:

Environmental/Wildlife Monitor - $450/day
Water Monitor - $300/day
Other - $300/day

Skidoo Rental - $350/day
Sled Rental - $50/day
ATV - $200/day
Boat - $300/day
Other – cost varies by item

$300/full day
$250/half day

Any other expenses must be asked about; other expenses are yet to be considered.
All costs are at the discretion of the Ehdiitat RRC.
These costs are final to all parties, unless otherwise described as a different cost.

Contact the ERRC at (867) 978 2336.


Contact the Renewable Resource Council (RRC) coordinator of the community you will be working near to discuss the statement of work and to set up a financial agreement. The RRC can recommend a person who has the skills you are looking for and can directly process payroll for that person. We recommend considering workers compensation coverage for any workers hired through the RRCs to work on your project.

Keep in mind that everybody is very busy during summer and fall field season – it is prime time for being out on the land! You should set up your statement of work and financial agreement several months in advance to ensure success.






Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board