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Public Registry

The Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA) sets out the authority of the GRRB to “establish rules and procedures for the carrying out of any consultation required by these provisions” (s. 12.8.23g).  The GRRB regularly consults with the Gwich’in, RRCs, other Gwich’in organizations, federal and territorial governments and the general public, with the main goal of protecting the wildlife and wildlife habitat within the GSA.

The GRRB has engaged the Gwich’in in the development of the GRRB’s rules and procedures for consultation. All consultation documents in the public record will be provided on the public registry.

Consultation Rules and Procedures

The GRRB will consult on a variety of topics, including limitation of harvest, setting Gwich’in Needs Levels, approval of management plans, advice to government, making decisions on commercial harvesting, setting research priorities in the GSA, and more.

GRRB Consultation Rules and Procedures pdf (2010)

GRRB Internal Regulatory Policy pdf (2014)


Rules for Public Hearings

These are the rules that the Board follows when holding a public hearing. A public hearing may be held for any of topics identified above, but most likely occurs for limiting harvest when a total allowable harvest is required.

GRRB Rules for Public Hearings pdf (2010)



Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board