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Public Registry - Consultation Rules & Procedures

Traditional Sharing

Section 12.4.16 of the GCLCA provides that Gwich’in have the right to “trade among themselves and with other aboriginal peoples, for personal consumption, edible products of wildlife harvested by them.”  The GRRB has authority to propose regulations to ensure that the traditional sharing among individuals and communities and the Gwich’in right to trade, is not done in a manner the Board considers “commercial.” 


Defining Traditional Sharing

Consultation Summary template

Step 1. GRRB has consultation meetings with RRCs to create proposed regulation defining traditional sharing. s. 6.2.1

Step 2. GRRB circulates proposed regulation to Gwich’in through the RRCs, GTC and GSCI and also to the relevant government agencies, providing at least 120 days for commentary. s. 6.2.1  

Step 3. GRRB posts all comments received on its Public Registry within 30 days of the end of the commentary period. If the Board finds it necessary, a public hearing may be held on the distinction between commercial activities and traditional sharing in accordance with the Board’s Rules for Public Hearings.

s. 6.2.1  
Step 4. An amended regulation on traditional sharing based on input from Gwich’in, public and government will be available through the GRRB Public Registry for public commentary and circulated to the RRCs, GTC and GSCI at least 60 days before the GRRB makes a final decision on the proposed regulation and sends it to the responsible Minister for adoption. s. 6.2.2  



Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board