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Books in the Gwich'in Language

Nanh' Kak Geenjit Gwich'in Ginjik and Gwìndòo Nanh' Kak Geenjit Gwich'in Ginjik are books that highlight elders' knowledge of species of wildlife in the western Arctic. The books are based on more than 400 interviews conducted with Gwich'in elders, hunters, fishers, trappers.

"This book helps us pass on the knowledge of many elders and their stories. . . It helps us to pass on our 'words', pass on a part of what is our culture, our future." (Mary Kendi, Gwich'in Elder)"WWF has been expanding the work we are doing in the Canadian Arctic and this report should prove to be an interesting and valuable resource for us. . . It looks like it will be a very special resource for many people and organizations."(Catherine Merriman, World Wildlife Fund)"The Elders who have contributed to this book have much to be proud of. Their words of wisdom and experience are important, not only to the youth, but to all who wish to keep our culture alive." (Don Morin, Premier, NWT)

Nành' Kak Geenjit Gwich'in Ginjik (Gwich'in Words About the Land)
Gwich'in Elders. 1997. 8.5" x 11", paper cover, maps, illustrations (B&W), 212 pp. ISBN: 0-9682642. OUT of STOCK

Price: $30.00 + shipping & handling

*Gwìndòo Nành' Kak Geenjit Gwich'in Ginjik (More Gwich'in Words About the Land)
Gwich'in Elders. 2001. 8.5" x 11", paper cover, maps, photos (color), Elders biographies, 184 pp. ISBN: 0-9682642-1-2.

Price: $35.00 + shipping & handling

**Book Shipping Costs: Canada & USA: $7.50 per book International: $10.00 per book (note: please contact us for multiple copies) 



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