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Wildlife Management in the GSA

In collaboration with other agencies and government departments, the Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board has participated in the elaboration of management plans for some wildlife species of the GSA:

Moose Management Plan

MooseThe GRRB is seeking feedback on potential changes to moose harvest reporting in the GSA.
A brochure has been distributed to allow resident moose harvesters (and other interested parties) to provide their feedback.

Potential Changes to Moose Harvest Reporting - Brochure PDF

The GRRB, RRCs and DRWED have finished a Moose Management Plan which will act as a framework for the management of moose, protection of moose habitat and the protection of Gwich'in harvesting rights. The Plan was completed in December 2000.

Moose Management Plan for the GSA pdf


Dall's Sheep Management Plan

Dall's SheepA management plan has been drafted for this sheep population. Parties to the plan are reviewing it for finalization. At its fall 2014 meeting, the GRRB approved the priority actions in the management plan (see the summary table of management actions on page iv in the plan and GRRB motion 14-31) and is requesting that parties follow those actions now while working to finish the management plan. Of significance is that the 2014 survey results show a 29% decline in the observed sheep population since the 2010 survey. Nursery sheep numbers (ewes and young rams) declined by 32.5% since 2010 and by 44% since 2006. The GRRB will be working to implement the approved actions as precautionary measures for this sheep population.

Dall's Sheep Management Plan pdf

2017 Dall's Sheep Field Survey Report pdf

2014 Dall's Sheep Field Survey Report pdf

2011 Dall's Sheep Status Report pdf


Porcupine Caribou Harvest Management Plan

Porcupine CaribouBest estimates put the Porcupine Caribou herd’s current population at 90,000 to 100,000 animals, indicating a continued slow decline from 178,000 caribou in 1989. This herd ranges close to eight communities in five aboriginal land claim areas in two territories in Canada, as well as ranging into Alaska. The Harvest Management Plan coordinates management actions in Canada for this herd and allows for proactive, responsible management and use of the herd.

The GRRB will be assisting Parties to the Plan in implementing management actions and will be continuing to collect harvest information through community interviews. The herd is currently in the Yellow Zone, indicating that the management actions supported by all parties are to Hunt Bulls Only, and Report All Harvests. For more information about the herd and the management planning process and agreement, visit the Porcupine Caribou Management Board or download the plan or a plan summary here:

Harvest Management Plan pdf

3-page Summary of the Plan pdf

The Draft Cape Bathurst, Bluenose-West and Bluenose East Barren Ground Caribou Herds Management Plan pdf is being finalized and is no longer out for public review

Grizzly Bear Management Agreement & Plan

Grizzly BearA Grizzly Bear Management Plan for the GSA has been developed by the GRRB, RRCs and DRWED. The finished plan provides a framework for the management of grizzly bears, protection of grizzly habitat and the protection of Gwich'in harvesting rights. The best way to manage grizzly bears is to make a plan so that everyone can agree on what needs to be done and who is doing it.

Grizzly Management Plan pdf

Grizzly Management Agreement (4 Gwich'in Communities) pdf






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