The Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board (GRRB) is a co-management board established under the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement. One of the Board’s functions is to coordinate the management of renewable resources in the Gwich’in Settlement Area (GSA) by involving Gwich’in participants, Gwich’in organizations, government agencies, universities and other research or management organizations.

Via the Wildlife Studies Fund (WSF), the GRRB provides funding to various organizations to conduct projects that will assist with renewable resources management in the GSA. In addition to funding, the GRRB may also provide in-kind support (e.g., office space, office support, vehicles).

Interested parties seeking funds from the GRRB are required to submit a completed Application For Funding. Funding proposals and applications must be sent to each affected Renewable Resource Council (RRC) for their approval before submitting it to the GRRB. Complete information on the funding procedures can be found in the Project Submission Guidelines.

Youth Work Experience Program (YWEP)

The GRRB offers funding to researchers to provide youth (ages 13-20) with short term (e.g. half day(s), single and/or multi-day) experience in renewable resources management and on-the- land activities. The GRRB solicits youth applications for summer work opportunities and will connect eligible youth with successful Youth Work Experience Fund applicants. Interested researchers must complete the relevant portions of the WSF Application for Funding, even if they are only seeking YWEP support.

Guidelines & Applications