GRRB Board and Staff at September 2020 Board Meeting
GRRB Staff and Board Members at the September 2020 Board Meeting. L to R: Kaytlin Cooper (Species at Risk Biologist), Sam Bullock (Board member), Laurence Carter (Management Plan Coordinator - Grizzly Bear), Doug Doan (Board member), Sarah Lord (Fisheries and Forestry Biologist), Burt Hunt (Board member - on screen), Amy Amos (Executive Director), Édouard Bélanger (Wildlife Biologist), Cheryl Greenland (Office Manager), Steve Andersen (Stakeholder Liaison), Tracy Davison (Board member), Margaret Begg (Board member)


Amy Amos, Executive Director

Executive Director – Amy Amos, B.Sc.

Responsibilities: My role at the GRRB encompasses four broad areas: Personnel Management, Financial Administration, Board Administration and Liaison. I implement decisions made by the Board, ensure that GRRB staff follow the Board’s decision, oversee research, management and education programs conducted or funded by the Board, prepare the Board’s budget and monitor its expenditures, supervise office staff and prepare materials needed for Board meetings. I maintain working relationships with co-management partners, Renewable Resource Councils, the Gwich’in Tribal Council, various government agencies and adjacent land claim organizations. Personal biography: I am a Nihtat (Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NT)) Participant of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA). I am also a Status Indian registered under the Inuvik Native Band. My mother is Gwich’in (Kay and Stewart family) and my father is Scottish. I was born in Inuvik, NT and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my dad. I had an amazing upbringing, but always had a strong urge to reconnect with the north. In Halifax, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Mount Saint Vincent University (2004) and researched shellfish for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (2000-2005). In January 2006, I moved back to Inuvik to work as a Biologist for the GRRB. I had the opportunity to work in all areas of the GRRB’s mandate (i.e. wildlife, fish and forest projects, education, traditional knowledge, as well as reviewing regulatory and research applications). In March 2009, I accepted the position of Executive Director with the GRRB. In this role, I have helped the board through two strategic planning periods, helped them secure additional core funding, maintain strong working relationships with our co-management partners and continue to offer a positive work environment for our staff. In addition to my day job, I have volunteered as a Board Member on the Inuvik Youth Council, as a Vestry Member (and Treasurer) for the Anglican Church and as a Youth Advisor for the Gwich’in Council International to the Arctic Council of Canada. Since 2012, I serve as an elected member of the Nihtat Gwich’in Council, the organization responsible for representing the interests of the Nihtat Gwich’in of Inuvik under the GCLCA. Since 2015, I provide bookkeeping, payroll and administrative assistance to JLT Contracting Incorporated which manages the Inuvik Youth Group Home. E-mail Amy

Steve Andersen, Stakeholder LiaisonWildlife Biologist – Steve Andersen, B.Sc.

Responsibilities: I coordinate and conduct research and management of birds and mammals in the GSA. Personal biography: I grew up on the family farm near Grande Prairie, AB. From a young age my parents took me hiking and camping, so I learned an appreciation for the land early on. When I went to university, I studied environmental sciences, earning a BSc in conservation biology. I went on to work on wildlife monitoring projects in areas as diverse as the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the forests of New Brunswick and the Ts’udé Nil?né Tuyeta protected area near Fort Good Hope. While at university, I began volunteering at the campus radio station as a reporter and producer for their environmental news program. Our show gained popularity and was picked up by stations from coast to coast, including throughout the NWT on CKLB Radio. I have also done media relations work for a number of non-profit organizations. I began working for the GRRB in April 2020 and look forward to getting to know the people of the GSA. E-mail Steve

Kaytlin Cooper - Species at Risk BiologistSpecies at Risk Biologist – Kaytlin Cooper B.Sc. (Hon), M.Sc., G.Cert.

Responsibilities: I work with local communities, Renewable Resource Councils and the government (Federal and Territorial), assisting with the development of management plans and recovery strategies, and administering species at risk programs and research projects in the GSA. Personal biography: Growing up in the UK, I spent summers camping, enjoying the outdoors, and travelling Europe with my family. This fostered my love for nature and visiting new places. I studied Applied Ecology (B.Sc.) and Habitat Creation and Management (M.Sc.) at Staffordshire University. After my second year, I spent the summer in Canada volunteering with EarthWatch studying coastal ecology, and explored Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Upon completion of university, I moved to the south of England where I worked as a park warden for the government, before moving to Vancouver where I volunteered at Stanley Park Ecology Society and Western Canada Wilderness Committee, and studied Environmental Impact Assessment. I returned to the UK for a few years and worked as a field ecologist for an environmental consultancy, before moving permanently to Canada, first living in Vancouver and then in Northern Ontario.  I have recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Practice: Natural Resources Management from Royal Roads University. E-mail Kaytlin

Cheryl Greenland - Office ManagerFinance and Administrative Manager – Cheryl Greenland

Responsibilities: I provide financial and administrative support for the GRRB. Personal biography: I was born and raised here in Inuvik. My parents are Alec and Elizabeth Greenland. I attended both the elementary and high school here and graduated from the Native Women’s Training centre in 1992. I also attended Mount Royal College in Calgary for a year. Over the years, I have worked with many of the Gwich’in organizations, as well as the GNWT, gaining a wide array of office experience. I have always been interested in the environmental issues that are happening in the NWT and have been trying to educate myself in this area over the past few years. As the Environmental Coordinator for the GTC’s First Nations Forestry program, I trained Gwich’in Beneficiaries in Environmental Monitoring. I helped create the Environmental Monitors Manual, now the standard for this type of work. As Environmental Coordinator/Finance Clerk with IMG Golder in Inuvik, I worked on projects such as Bathymetry, Aquatics, Vegetation, Wildlife, Pellets, Traditional History and Archeology. I trained outside of Calgary in Terrestrial Biosciences and Aquatics techniques. I have held a few other positions in the finance world, but I have been here at the GRRB since February of 2009. I enjoy being out on the land as much as possible, when time permits. I am an avid curler and have enjoyed this sport for many years. E-mail Cheryl

Sarah Lord - Fisheries and Forestry BiologistFisheries & Forestry Biologist – Sarah Lord, B.Sc. (Hon), Ph.D. Candidate

Responsibilities:  I coordinate and conduct research and management of fishes and forests in the GSA. Personal biography:I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. where I spent my childhood playing hockey in the winters, hiking and camping with my family in the summers. During my B.Sc.  at University of British Columbia, I worked for the Botany Department and the Forestry Department, doing field research on plant community ecology and population dynamics at field sites at Kluane Lake, on Vancouver Island, and in the Rocky Mountains. In my final year, I carried out an undergraduate research project on the genetics of alpine songbirds. For my doctoral research at the University of Alberta, I continued working in the mountains, investigating contaminant accumulation in Common Loons and the fishes they eat in boreal forest lakes all the way up into the subalpine lakes of Jasper and Banff National Parks in Alberta. For the past three years, I was the laboratory manager and field program co-ordinator for an Arctic fisheries research group at the University of Waterloo, studying Arctic Grayling in barrenlands streams. I started working for the GRRB in January 2017. I am excited to assist the co-management team in both fisheries and forestry management in the GSA. E-mail Sarah


Office Assistant – Melanie Bonnetplume

Personal biography: I am a Gwich’in Participant who was born and raised in Inuvik. Before starting here, I worked at the Inuvik Emergency Warming Centre for three years. This is my first office job and I love it! It is a nice environment with friendly staff. Right now, I am digitalizing the entire library. When I am not at work, I am usually spending my free time with my daughter.

Technician – Jessi Pascal

Personal biography: Coming soon!

Records Digitalizing Technician – Charleigh Blake

Personal biography: Coming soon!

Summer Student – Hope McDonald

Personal biography: I was born in Inuvik NT, but raised in Fort McPherson. I just recently started working here as a summer student and I’m looking very forward to working with all the staff. Right now, I’m still learning as I go. In the future, I would like to work in an office just like this.

Webmaster – Chelsea Hermus

Responsibilities: I coordinate and update the GRRB website and assist the Executive Director with communications materials on an as-needed basis. I have also worked for the GRRB on a contract basis as a Fisheries Biologist and Communications Manager since 2009. Personal biography: A paleontologist and Web designer born and raised in Alberta, I have a wide variety of interests and skills. My career path has taken me many places, including research, teaching, editing, writing, laboratory coordination and several incredible opportunities to work from remote Northern field camps.  I enjoy any chance I get to work with fish, both career-wise and as a hobby. I am currently living and working in Victoria, B.C. E-mail Chelsea